2017-2018 Residence Application

Apply Here: Online Application

Term Dates – September 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018 or to August 23, 2018

Applicants who meet Graduate House’s eligibility requirements and submit the required application along with the required application deposit will be considered on a first come first serve basis according to the date and time that their $100 application deposit was received.  Offers of residence will begin being offered by the end of June.  Successful applicants will be contacted via email using the email address used to create and submit the residence application. Please note, all communications will be sent to a valid University of Toronto email address if one exist. Applicants will be asked to log back into the Application Portal to complete the remaining steps in the Application and pay the Confirmation Deposit once an offer of residence is issued.

All applicants will receive a unique Applicant Code from us by email in mid to late June, and can use this code to check their position on our Applicant List.  The 2017-18 Applicant List (also commonly called the waitlist) will be in July.


Summer 2017 Residence Application

Apply Here: Online Application

Term Dates: May 4, 2017 to August 23, 2017 (Last day for move in: July 12, 2017)

Please note, to be eligible for residence in Graduate House from May-August, the resident must be currently enrolled in a program of studies (either full time or part time) at a post-secondary institution, or be an alumnus of the University of Toronto during the Occupancy Period.

For clarity, all non-U of T summer applicants who are given an offer of residence will be asked to prove their affiliation with a post-secondary institution. The following is a list of acceptable form of proof which can be submitted electronically (via email) after an offer of residence is made to the applicant.

  1. A copy of the applicant’s unofficial transcript from the post-secondary institution
  2. A letter from the post-secondary institution on letter head

Summer applicants who meet Graduate House’s eligibility requirements and submit the required application and deposit will be contacted with a residence offer when a space becomes available.  At the time of residence offer, successful applicants will be asked to log back into the Application Portal to complete the remaining steps in the Application and pay the Confirmation Deposit.

To minimize high summer turnover which would be disruptive to Graduate House’s academically-focused community environment, summer residents must commit to a minimum 6 week stay at Graduate House.  Please also note that summer residents must vacate no later than August 23, 2017, to allow time for Graduate House to prepare suites for new residents arriving in September.

Submitting your application

Your Application is not considered “Submitted” until you have paid the Application Deposit.

Graduate House assigns spaces to incoming residents in the order in which we receive applications.  Your application is considered to be submitted (and thus received by us) AFTER you pay the Application Deposit.  For clarity, this means the date and time of your Application Deposit payment determines your ‘place in line’ relative to other applicants.

You MUST click “SAVE and CONTINUE” after making your online payment in order for your payment to register.

Cancellation, Deposit Refund, & Forfeit Conditions

If a space in Graduate House is offered to you at any point prior to you cancelling your application and you either decline, or do not respond by the appointed deadline, you will forfeit the amount of your Application Deposit.

If you cancel your application before you have been offered a space, your Application Deposit will be refunded. If you cancel your application after an offer of residence has been accepted, the application deposit as well as the confirmation deposit will both be forfeited. All requests for application cancellation must be submitted to Graduate House Office by e-mail at admissions.gradhouse@utoronto.ca.

You are deemed to have been offered a space as of the date and time at which Graduate House’s electronic correspondence records indicate it was sent to you.