Students on laptop computerEach bedroom in Graduate House is equipped with a LAN (Ethernet) jack per occupant, providing a fast connection to the UofT campus network and the Internet. It is each resident’s responsibility to equip their computer with the requisite Ethernet card and cable in order to use the network. For step-by-step instructions on connecting to the network, please refer to your Residence Handbook.

If you wish to connect a wireless router to the Ethernet port in your room (which you can then connect to with a laptop or other WiFi-enabled device), it is essential that you properly secure it since you are responsible for all activity on your network connection–including unauthorized use if you fail to properly secure your connection.

There are three basic requirements you should follow when configuring your router’s settings:

  • Turn off the network SSID broadcast. This prevents an average user from even seeing your router on the network, and raises security.
  • Turn on WPA or WPA2 encryption.
  • Use MAC address filtering to limit the users that are allowed to connect to your wireless network.

In addition to the dedicated Ethernet port in your room, Graduate House has equipped most common rooms (on floors 4-9, and on the Courtyard level) with wireless hotspots, linking them to the UofT wireless network. This network is maintained by Information Commons at the Robarts Library. Unfortunately, non-U of T summer residents cannot gain access to the wireless network.

Graduate House Network Assistant

At any step of the Network Connection process, assistance from our Network Assistant is available. Keep in mind that the demand for computer/network assistance is at its greatest at the beginning of terms (when most people are moving in and connecting to the network for the first time).  Please be patient during these times, as backlogs do tend to occur. The Network Assistant will respond as quickly as possible.

Computer/network assistance can be requested by e-mailing There are computer terminals near the fifth floor elevators if you need e-mail access.  Note: although the Network Assistant is a resident of Graduate House, you should never visit their suite seeking computer assistance – please respect their (and their suitemates’) privacy and personal space by using the Network Assistant email address.

The Network Assistant can only help you with problems related to getting your computer connected to the network, and  can only support computers with Win95/98/ME/NT4/ 2000/XP/Vista operating systems. Unfortunately, we do not have the time or resources to respond to any other computer support problem(s) your computer may be exhibiting (e.g. printing problems, software problems, etc.).