Graduate House Residence Life Staff

Ebrahim Lababidi – Residence Advisor

Community: Courtyard level, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor
Specialization: Social Justice and Diversity

Ebrahim, who often goes by Ibe (e-bee) is coming to us from Vancouver Island University (VIU) on the west coast where he studied a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Political Science and History, with a specialization in European history. Ibe has served on the Model United Nations (MUN) at VIU. Ibe is an international student and has lived in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Lebanon and is fluent in Arabic. Ibe will be studying Global Affairs at the Munk School in September.

Darwin Sodhi – Residence Advisor

Community: 3rd Floor North (Suites 342-368)
Specialization: Health and Wellness

Darwin is coming to us from UTSC where he has worked in residence life for 3 years first as an RA and then as an Area Coordinator. Darwin also has experience as a program specialist at Youth Leadership Camps Canada just north of Toronto. Darwin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, Neuroscience and Health Studies from the University of Toronto. Darwin will be starting his Masters in Conservation Biology in September.

Hali Kil – Residence Advisor

Community: 3rd Floor South (Suites 302 – 318 & 370 – 386)
Specialization: International

Hali is a current graduate student studying a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Social Development. Hali has completed her Masters of Psychology at the University of Alberta, and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Latin American Studies at the University of Toronto. Hali has worked at various locations on campus including the Office of Student Life, Woodsworth College Student Association, and Woodsworth College Residence.

Emilie Chiasson – Residence Advisor

Community: 4th Floor, 5th Floor, 7th Floor
Specialization: Professional Development

Emilie recently completed her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies at Renaissance College within the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Emilie has worked as a Communications and Program Coordinator at the New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program, has served as a Student Representative on the UNB Board of Governors, and was an International Student Peer Mentor with UNB Student Services. Emilie has spent a year in Malawi as an International Intern and will be starting her Masters in Global Affairs at the Munk School.

Jess Wood – Residence Advisor

Community: 6th Floor
Specialization: Toronto Community

Jess will be starting her Master of Teaching in Junior/Intermediate Health and Physical Education at OISE in September. Jess has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Art/Art History at UTM and has also completed a program in Art/Art History at Sheridan. Jess has worked at Student Housing and Residence Life at UTM for where she was a Summer Program and Residence Assistant, Residence Don, and Social Media and Communications Assistant. Jess also has experience working at the UTM Student Union as an Orientation Coordinator.

Jason Brennan – Residence Advisor

Community: 9th Floor
Specialization: Academics

Jason, a PhD Candidate in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development at OISE since 2011, has completed his Masters of Teaching at OISE and his HBA at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. Jason has worked as the Co-coordinator of the Teaching to Learn Project at OISE, Graduate Advisor for Community Standards at Ryerson University, and served as the Vice-President Academic in the Graduate Students’ Association at OISE. Jason is a member of Massey College where he serves as the Co-chair of the Tutoring Committee.

Coco Lee – Head Residence Advisor

Coco will serve her second year as Head Residence Advisor at Graduate House. Coco has been instrumental at Gradhouse developing the evolving Residence Life program. Coco has worked at Victoria College within the University of Toronto in residence and currently serves on the Theatre Standing Committee at Hart House. Coco is completing her Master of Arts in French Linguistics and will be starting her Master of Teaching at OISE in September. Coco’s role has been changed where she will no longer have a specific community. Coco will be managing the programming at Graduate House, will be 2nd tier on call 24hrs a day, manage lower level conduct, and assist with other administrative duties.