Graduate House Residence Life Staff

Kevin Dancy

Dean of Residence 

Kevin is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operation of Graduate House. He is always available to help residents solve problems that may arise out of their residence or academic experience and he is happy to address any questions or concerns about any aspects of Graduate House.

Brian Cunha

Assistant Dean, Residence Life and Communication

Brian is responsible for the residence life program, resident education, and the communication strategy for Graduate House. Brian is the main contact for residents who need general support. Brian works and lives in the building and supervises the Residence Life Staff and advises the Graduate House Council.

Elizabeth Urbanowski

Assistant Dean, Administration and Operations

Elizabeth provides leadership and strategic guidance for the operations of Graduate House, specifically in the areas of maintenance, facilities, and the main office. She is responsible for the administration and oversees the admission process.

Trevor Barrie

Financial Coordinator & ResNet IT Specialist

Trevor is our business officer handling all financial affairs of Graduate House and supports staff and residents with IT related issues.

John Thomas

Service Coordinator (On Leave)


Alim Alarakhia

Acting Service Coordinator

Alim is responsible for the front desk operations and supports our team of Front Desk Attendants.

Paul Glaser

Facilities Supervisor

Josephina Sanchez


Peggy Kritharenos


Coco Lee

Head Residence Advisor


Ebrahim Lababidi

Community: Courtyard level, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor
Specialization: International & Global Perspectives 


Hali Kil

Community: 3rd Floor (Suites 340-368)
Specialization: Toronto Community

Taylor Aitken

Community: 3rd Floor (Suites 302 – 318 & 370 – 386)
Specialization: Professional Development

Andrew Wong

Community: 4th Floor, 5th Floor, 7th Floor
Specialization: GradHouse Community


Sangini Rangnekar

Community: 6th Floor (Suites 650 – 674)
Specialization: Social Justice & Diversity

Jess Wood

Community: 6th Floor (Suites 602-648)
Specialization: Health and Wellness

Jason Brennan

Community: 9th Floor
Specialization: Academics


Sandra Espinosa-Moreira

Front Desk Attendant 

Rebecca Smith

Front Desk Attendant 

James Shire

Front Desk Attendant 

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