There is a high demand for space at Graduate House and we receive more applications for September admission than we can accommodate. We make offers on a continuing basis into the academic year as spaces become available.

2021-22 Applicant List

Will be available in late June 2021.

2020-21 Applicant List

For inquires about spaces for 2020-21, please email Spaces are available.

Use your GH Applicant Code to determine your place in relation to other applicants in the list below.  If you have not received your GH Code, please contact the Graduate House office by email and we can provide you with that information.  Offers of residence will be made in the same order as the list, starting at the top. Your position on the list will change as offers are given out or if students withdraw their applications. We aim to update the list once a week.

If Graduate House is your preferred housing option while you attend UofT, we strongly encourage you to keep your application active with us by remaining on our Applicant List.  Spaces open up throughout the academic year, and staying on our Applicant List maintains your priority relative to other applicants.

If you choose to remain an active applicant, we will hold onto your $100 application fee until you receive an offer of residence from us. If you do not receive an offer from us by April 15, 2021, your application will be automatically cancelled, and you will receive a full refund of your fee.

Cancelling your Application

Prior to receiving an Offer of Residence, if you wish to withdraw your application to Graduate House, simply submit your cancellation request and we will be pleased to refund your Application Fee to your credit card. All cancellation requests must be submitted on the StarRez:

  • Log into, then click on My Applications, and select your 2020-21 Graduate House Application
  • If the application does not automatically open to the Application Status page, navigate to this page by selecting it the navigation bar
  • At the bottom of the page, select “Request to Cancel Application” from the drop-down You will be taken to the cancellation page where you can submit your cancellation request 

As outlined on our application, your Application Fee becomes non-refundable once we make you an offer of residence, and is either applied to your Graduate House Occupancy Fees (if you move in) or forfeited (if you decline, do not respond, or do not move in).  

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