Approximately 40% of Graduate House is available each year to be awarded to students at the discretion of the various graduate departments, centres, institutes, and faculties. 20% of Graduate House is allocated at the discretion of the six second-entry professional faculties: Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Education, Pharmacy, and Nursing.

How the Recruitment Space process works

> Academic departments, centers, institutes, and faculties notify Graduate House of their selected Recruitment Space recipients (deadline of late May for most departments). Departmental staff with questions about the Recruitment Space process should contact the Graduate House Office by emailing 

> Academic departments, as part of their admissions process, notify recruitment space recipients of the requirement and deadline to submit an online application to Graduate House, including payment of the Application Deposit ($100).

> Provided recruitment recipients submit their online application by their appointed deadline, Graduate House extends a formal offer of residence.

> Student accepts the offer of residence by completing the confirmation steps of the online application and paying the Confirmation Deposit ($500) by the offer acceptance deadline.

> Any unused/unconfirmed recruitment spaces will revert back to Graduate House to be offered to our direct applicants.

Deadline & Conditions 

Recruitment offers to Graduate House are for a period of one year (from September 2021 until August 23, 2022) though students have the option of reapplying directly to Graduate House for subsequent years. Please note that while receiving a recruitment space at Graduate House guarantees you a place in the residence for the upcoming academic year, it does not guarantee you a particular type of room (i.e. premium, single, or double). Your allocations will be based on availability and compatibility, based on the preferences and profile information you provide in the online application process. If you are interested in a Recruitment Space at Graduate House for 2022-2023, please contact your department, centre, institute, or faculty directly to express your interest.