Project Scope

The project to replace the north exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) on our north facade is necessary due to ongoing leaks into some of the north-facing rooms. This project was scheduled to occur in the summer months as we have a lower occupancy of students, but due to restrictions related to COVID-19 within the construction industry, the construction project was delayed into the fall term. We understood that the scope of the project would have some impact including some intermittent noisy work. However, when the project began, it was discovered the planned approach to adhering the new wall without drilling was not viable and that drilling holes for anchors turned out be our only option to affix the new insulation and façade of the building. In addition, this project must be completed before temperatures dip below five degrees, or it could delay the entire project to the spring, causing a serious risk of water leakage on the north side of the building and a tremendous financial burden to Graduate House.

Detailed Information

The initial plan was to strip everything down to the concrete shear wall and then build up the new Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) again. However, when the original EIFS system was removed the existing vapour (black) barrier was well adhered to the wall and despite our best efforts could not be removed    

The new EIFS system could not be applied over the existing vapour barrier and an alternate approach was developed, which in this case consisted of installing new metal furring strips and new DensGlass (yellow) sheathing, which would form the base for the new EIFS system.

To support the appropriate design loads and secure the metal strips, DensGlass, and balance of the EIFS, 12mm (diameter) x 125 mm (long) anchors bolts have to be drilled and secured into the shear-wall. It is the drilling of these anchor bolts that is causing the noise that you are hearing.

Once the DensGlass is installed, the balance of the EIFS system will be installed using adhesives and the noise levels will be substantially reduced.  Please note there will be some noise (mixing of adhesives, sanding of the insulation and motors of the swing stages) it won’t be to the levels you are experiencing at this moment.

The photo below shows the general configuration of the new wall assembly – from the DensGlass sheathing.

Project Timeline

July 2020 - November 2020

Project Photos