There are a number of important documents that you should read and understand. Below you will find a listing of important documents at Graduate House. If you have questions, please speak to a Graduate House staff member.

Occupancy Agreement

The Occupant Agreement is an agreement between the University of Toronto and you, as the resident of Graduate House. In this document you will find information on eligibility, responsibilities of the University, responsibilities of the resident, withdrawals, rules, appeals, fees, and much more. Make sure to read this over carefully.

Suite Inventory Form

The Suite Inventory Form (Schedule A) is a form that the resident fills out upon move in. The form helps the resident identify any deficiencies with their room and suite in terms of furniture, minor damage, and inventory of items present. The form is to be completed, signed, and returned to the Graduate House Office within one (1) week of moving into Graduate House.


Sub-Licensing Bedroom

The Sub-licensing Bedrooms (Schedule B) is a form that is used when a Graduate House resident wishes to sub-license their room. This form goes over the procedure and policies of this process, and is not available to summer residents or sub-licensees. 


Suite/Room Entry

Graduate House Procedures for Pre-Notification and Post-Notification of Suite/Room Entry (Schedule C) explains when Graduate House can enter a student space (suite/room).

Network Use Agreement

Your network connection is provided for you in support of your academic objectives and requirements. As such, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to be aware of when using the Graduate House Network.