Graduate House provides many opportunities for our residents to get involved. Paid and volunteer positions are available throughout the year. Ask a Graduate House staff member for more details.

Paid Positions

Head Residence Advisor

> The Head Residence Advisor (HRA) is a senior level student staff member focused primarily in student development, staff development, programming, and administrative capacities. The HRA is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive team dynamic, adjudicating low level student conduct and student issues, and managing the programming initiatives of Graduate House. Due to the nature of this position, experience in Residence Life is required.

Graduate Programming Assistant

> The Graduate Programming Assistant is responsible for assisting with a variety of special projects to further the goals and mission of the unit of Residence Life at Graduate House. This position supports the implementation and assessment of the residence curriculum. This position focuses on assisting in building a residence wide curriculum, and is involved in creating and implementing training opportunities for student staff.

Residence Advisor

> Residence Advisors (RA) at Graduate House build community within the residence, uphold Graduate House core values and Community Standards, provide residents with support and referrals in the event of academic and personal difficulties, respond to emergencies and critical incidents, function as mediators in the event of conflicts between suitemates, undertake programming initiatives geared towards graduate students, and help ensure the safety and security of the building and our residents.

Snow Removal & Facilities Assistant

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>The Snow Removal & Facilities Assistant provides essential after-hour snow removal services aimed at improving the safety of, and access to, Graduate House. The incumbent works independently, or occasionally as part of a team, and is responsible for clearing snow and ice from pathways and entrances to the building and other keys areas. This position requires a keen sense of personal safety and familiarity with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and WHIMIS.

Front Desk Attendant

> Front Desk Attendants (FDA) are dynamic student leaders who are hired to provide outstanding customer service to students, parents, visitors, staff and faculty. FDAs work at our front desk located in the lobby of our building. FDAs assist residents with packages, information about fees, resources, and much more!

Front Desk Attendant Job Description


Leadership Opportunities

Graduate House Council

> The Graduate House Council (GHC) is a student council elected by the residents of Graduate House. The mission of this nine-member body is to develop a sense of community at Graduate House. It focuses on promoting a fun and social environment, supporting all academic lifestyles, fostering learning and advocating and protecting resident interests. As stipulated by the Occupancy Agreement, Graduate House collects a non-refundable levy from each resident that is put toward social and cultural events.

There is a similarity between the GHC and the Residence Advisors as both groups are involved in programming. The GHC and Residence Advisors often collaborate or co-sponsor social events. The main difference between the GHC and the Residence Advisors is the scope. The Residence Advisors are a resource for the building, their respective floors, and individual residents and/or suites. Issues regarding safety, building-wide policies, and social events that require a larger budget are often covered by both groups. The GHC is a volunteer social organization, whereas the Residence Advisors are a paid student service. This overlap of roles and responsibilities between the two bodies is to the benefit of the residents. The Residence Advisors, both as a group and individually, are strongly encouraged to cooperate with the GHC on ideas for social events and other relevant matters; as such collaboration can bring to realization many successful large- and small-scale events. The Head Residence Advisor attends the GHC monthly meetings in order to improve cooperation and coordination of events.


GH Community Participant Status

> Current residents who wish to remain in Gradhouse will still have an opportunity to gain priority in re-entry, but
they will have to earn this priority through achieving the Gradhouse Community Participant Status (GCPS). Current residents who do not achieve this status but wish to reside in Gradhouse for subsequent academic years will have to re-apply through the general applicant pool.

The GCPS is designed to foster a culture of participation, inclusion and community in Gradhouse. This status will help support efforts to shape the reputation of Gradhouse as a warm, welcoming environment and communicate to the University of Toronto and general public that residents can expect to have a strong sense of community while residing at Gradhouse.