If I contact the residence, what information can I obtain about my son/daughter?

The University of Toronto and Graduate House Residence consider all students to be adults, therefore responsible for their own behaviour, academics, and student financial account.  For both security and privacy reasons, all student records are confidential, and we are not able to disclose any such information to anyone except the student.  This includes academic enrolment information, financial account balances (even if someone else is paying the student’s fees), and even whether or not a person is a registered resident of Graduate House.  More detailed information about the University’s policy with respect to Student Confidentiality is available on the UofT Parents & Families website.

If you have general questions, or would like information about Graduate House’s admissions process or operating policies, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide whatever information we can.

You’ll find a wealth of additional information for supporting your student on the main pages of the Parents & Families website.