What is the culture of residence?

Graduate House caters to the specific needs of graduate students, as they differ in some significant ways from those of undergraduates. Graduate House aims to provide a solid support system for students with similar academic demands. We offer a community in which our residents can grow, both academically and socially, while completing their studies. Our Residence Life staff plan numerous activities to foster this atmosphere and provide an opportunity to unwind and relax.

What are the rules of residence?

Students agree to abide by the Graduate House Residence Handbook as well as the Graduate House Occupancy Agreement which each new resident receives and accepts as part of the Graduate House Offer of Residence.  Students should make sure to read both of these documents prior to arriving. Some of the more important rules include the following:

  • Graduate House is a smoke-free environment.  Students are not permitted to smoke in their residence room, suite or common areas in/outside the building.
  • Graduate House is a drug-free zone.  Students are not permitted to have and/or use illegal substances in residence.
  • Drinking is only permitted in the resident’s rooms or suites. Drinking in the lobby, courtyard, hallways or outside the building is not permitted.
  • Graduate House is a respectful living and learning environment.  Harassment, violence and discrimination are not tolerated.

How can my son/daughter get involved in the residence community?

Graduate House Residence provides ample opportunities for students to get involved.  The Graduate House Council is a student body consisting of nine elected residents of Graduate House.  The council exists to represent the interests of all residents and to help make Graduate House a fun and social community by organizing and sponsoring social, cultural and sporting events.  There are also various interest-based groups at Graduate House, including intramural sports teams, a theatre group, a dinning out group, a gardening group, a cooking group, and LGBTQ group just to name a few.  Graduate House Residence Advisors are also here to encourage students to get involved in different activities.

What if my son/daughter does not get along with their roommate?

Each resident fills out a Suitemate Allocation Questionnaire before arriving at Graduate House. Our suitemate matching process uses this information to group residents who we believe will be compatible suitemates, both academically and socially.

In any shared living environment, a commitment to cooperation and compromise are essential if suitemates are to get along, and Graduate House expects that suitemates will engage in dialogue with each other in the event that problems arise.  If residents have difficulty resolving a problem on their own, our Residence Advisors are trained and experienced in helping to mediate disputes.

Because Graduate House operates at a very high rate of occupancy (with few if any vacancies during the academic year), suite changes are often not possible and are viewed as a last resort.