Locked Out?

Weeknights and weekends until midnight: If you are locked out of your suite and/or bedroom when the Graduate House Office is closed, you can contact the Entry Assistant up until midnight at 416-800-6068 for assistance. Please be patient! Entry Assistants respond to calls within 30 minutes. Note: although Entry Assistants are residents of Graduate House, you should never visit their suite if locked out – please respect their (and their suitemates’) privacy and personal space by using the Entry Assistant contact phone number.

After midnight: If you are locked out of the building, your suite, or your bedroom between midnight (12:00am) and 8:00am, call the Campus Police non-emergency line at 416-978-2323. Please know, however, that Campus Police can take up to two hours to respond to your call depending upon how busy they are. Also, please note that Campus Police cannot reprogram demagnetized security cards or reissue lost security cards; they can only let you into your suite or your bedroom. If you need your card reprogrammed or replaced, you’ll need to visit the Graduate House Office during regular business hours.