Fall-Winter Term (September to April)
For academic-year residency (i.e. September to April), Graduate House only accepts UofT students whose ROSI registration status confirms they are enrolled in a full-time UofT degree program in either 1) The School of Graduate Studies or 2) One of the second-entry professional faculties during the period of intended residency.

Verification of Fall-Winter Eligibility:
Because many academic departments do not upload their registration data to ROSI until late summer, Graduate House confirms resident eligibility in mid-August.  At that time, applicants found to be ineligible as outlined above will be advised that their Fall term residence space is revoked.  In the event that an ineligible Fall applicant is a summer resident, that applicant will be required to vacate their suite by the summer term move-out date.  In both cases, Application and Confirmation Deposits remain non-refundable in accordance with Graduate House’s refund policy.

If you are an undergraduate student or otherwise do not meet the above requirements, you should not apply for Fall/Winter admission as you would be deemed ineligible.  If you choose to apply for Fall-Winter residency, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure you meet Graduate House’s eligibility requirements.  Graduate House assumes no responsibility for inconvenience resulting from revocation of a residence offer based on ineligibility to live in the building.

Summer Term (May to third week of August)
During the summer term (i.e. May to August), Graduate House expands its eligibility policy to admit current students of other post-secondary institutions (both graduate and undergraduate) as well as alumni of the University of Toronto.

For clarity, all non-U of T summer applicants who are given an offer of residence will be asked to prove their affiliation with a post-secondary institution. The following is a list of acceptable form of proof which can be submitted electronically (via email) after an offer of residence is made to the applicant.

1. A copy of the applicant’s unofficial transcript from the post-secondary institution
2. A letter from the post-secondary institution on letter head

Summer applicants who meet Graduate House’s eligibility requirements and submit the required application and deposit will be contacted with a residence offer when a space becomes available.  At the time of residence offer, successful applicants will be asked to log back into the Application Portal to complete the remaining steps in the Application and pay the Confirmation Deposit.

To minimize high summer turnover which would be disruptive to Graduate House’s academically-focused community environment, summer residents must commit to a minimum 6 week stay at Graduate House.