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About Graduate House

A home to both students from the School of Graduate Studies and students from five second-entry professional faculties (DentistryLawMedicine,  Nursing, and Pharmacy).

built for grad students

What is Graduate House?

Graduate House is a 426-bed, suite-style residence operated by Spaces & Experiences at U of T in cooperation with the School of Graduate Studies as a primary stakeholder.

We are committed to providing its residents with a supportive environment promoting academic excellence and a fulfilling life. In addition to being a home to its residents, Graduate House also functions as a great recruitment tool for professional faculties. Each year graduate departments and the second-entry professional faculties use 60 percent of all Graduate House spaces to attract the best students to the University of Toronto.

Who lives in Graduate House?




Second entry



Our Values






Why Graduate House is better
than off-campus housing

Central Location

We are centrally located in downtown Toronto.

On campus

We are conveniently located on campus.


A trustworthy team that cares about the student experience.

fully furnished

All our units come fully furnished.

All Utilities included

Electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, internet are all included in our costs.

Great ProgramMing

We offer exclusive programs and services for residents.

Amazing staff

Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and student-focused.

Join Us!

Living in Graduate House is conveniently located, safe and fun too! Graduate and second-entry students from many faculties at UofT call this place home.