Current Residents

Living in residence and on campus is not only convenient, but allows students to build connections, learn outside the classroom, and develop a strong campus connection. Refer to the information and resources below to make the most out of your residence experience.

Current Resident FAQ

Living In Residence

Yes! However, to prevent damage to the walls, only 3M Command hooks are permitted to be used in your bedroom or suite (you can order them here). There is a special way to remove these hooks. Damage caused by incorrect removal of these hooks will be charged to the resident, therefore we strongly advise residents to leave the hook on the wall when they leave so that maintenance staff can remove them correctly.

Other types of hooks, fasteners, or adhesives (including Scotch/duct tape, poster putty, stickers, etc.) may damage painted walls or leave stains on concrete. Repainting or repairing damaged walls is costly (typically $250 per wall), so to avoid incurring significant damage charges, we advise against using non-approved products.

Your plastic fob is the one you’ll use every day when you come and go from Graduate House. It will give you access to all entrances/exits, all common areas, the laundry room, the TV room, your suite, and your bedroom. Your fob is uniquely programmed for you , and does not open your suite mates’ bedrooms (nor do theirs open yours). Replacement of this key is $25.

If you are locked out of your suite/bedroom, you can come to the front desk to receive a temporary fob. The RA on call can also assist you with a lockout when the desk is called between the hours of 8am and midnight. Lockouts between midnight and 8am are directed to Campus Police.

Graduate House has indoor bicycle parking spaces available for securing your bike. Please fill out a Bicycle Registration Form and return it to the Graduate House Office.

Any maintenance requests should be sent through your StarPortal. You can follow the rest of the steps at the Maintenance and Internet page.

Mail is sorted and distributed everyday during office hours. Mail that requires a signature and/or does not fit into your personal mailbox (located in the main lobby) will be kept in the Graduate House Office and an email notice will be sent to you. Please pick up your parcel during regular business hours. We do not accept packages that contain alcohol or cannabis.

We will provide you with a key for you individual mailbox. Please note, if you lose or break your key, there is a $50 replacement charge. If after you move out, you fail to return your key, you’ll also incur a $50 charge.



The laundry room is located on the Courtyard level. It has one entrance from the hallway by the elevator and one from the main Common Room. You can use the Laundry Cat app or physical laundry card (SparkleXpress card) to operate machines (you can load money on to your laundry card at the loading station in the laundry room). All residents receive a SparkeXpress card when first checking in at the Front Desk. Please note that there is a replacement charge of $5 for lost cards.

For more about using your laundry card, check out the Residence Handbook

As a Graduate House resident you have access to high-speed Wi-Fi internet from the bedroom of your suite. Please note that personal routers are prohibited in residence. Details on how to connect your device can be found in the Maintenance and Internet.

Graduate House offers a number of resources and services including but not limited to Mail and Package Processing, Lost and Found, Iron rental, Video and Board Games and much more. Visit the Residence Handbook for more.

Living with Suitemates

Residents are required to complete a Suitemate Agreement. Since no two of us are exactly alike in our habits or day-to-day living routine, we require that you meet with your suitemates within the first week of residency to discuss and agree on some group expectations about cleaning, noise, overnight guests, garbage and recycling, etc.

Once you have reached consensus on the basic ground rules, document them in this formal agreement that will be signed be all the suitemates. This process must be repeated each time a new suitemate moves in.

Please note if you have concerns with your current room, please first discuss it with your Residence Advisor (RA). Your RA is always there to help you with any problems you are having. All room change requests are processed in extenuating circumstances.

If your RA determines that a room change may be appropriate for you, they will refer you to the Assistant Dean, Residence Life and Communication (ADRLC), Residence Life Coordinator (RLC), and/or the Head Residence Advisor (HRA) for further assistance.

Living with other people can be difficult at times, but it is essential that residents learn to live together through cooperation and respect. In rare cases, despite cooperation, respect, and good intentions, conflicts develop which cannot be resolved through the mediation process. In a case like this, a room change may be appropriate. Graduate House uses the following process to respond to suitemate conflicts. Further, we will only process one room change for suitemate concern per contract. Please note that room changes for suitemate concerns are not accepted within the first month of the semester.