Health & Safety Measures

Moving In

How can I meet other Grad House residents?

Packing List

Pillows Linens (Twin Bed) > Clothes Hangers
> Clothing for all weather Iron and Board Personal Items/Decor
Cleaning & Hygiene
Personal Toiletries  Towels and washcloths > Toilet Paper
> Hairdryer Laundry Basket Laundry Detergent
Computer, tablet, laptop Printer (Non-Wireless) > Charging Cables
> Extension/Power Bar Headphones Ethernet Cord
Binders Paper (lined & blank) > Pens, pencils, highlighters 
University documentation  Backpack Travel mug
Dishes, cutlery Pots and pans > Cooking utensils
> Dish Soap Dishtowels Toaster, rice cooker
Common Space
Shower Curtain Bath Mat > Television & wiring
> Plants Pictures & Decor > Telephone
Do Not Bring
Drapes or wall hangings Halogen Lamps > Space Heaters
> Mattresses Other large furniture Watercoolers 
> Toaster ovens Pets (except fish) Waterbeds 
  > Router