Applying to Graduate House


Complete the online application for Residence through the Student Housing Portal.

Pay the Deposit

Your application is not considered complete until you pay the $100 Application Deposit. This deposit is refundable if you cancel your application before you receive an offer at Graduate House.

Receive an Offer

Your offer to Graduate House will depend on when you apply. As we operate on a first come, first offer policy, make sure you apply early to get your space!

Move In!

Your move in day will be included in your offer. Move in Day for Fall 2020 is September 1st. Contact us if you need to move in earlier than this date.

Admission Guide 2020-2021


Fall 2020-Winter 2021: For residence from September 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021 or to August 23, 2021

Apply here: Online Application

Applicants who meet Graduate House's eligibility requirements and submit the required application along with the required application deposit will be considered on a first come first serve basis according to the date and time that their $100 application deposit was received.  Successful applicants will be contacted via email using the email address used to create and submit the residence application. Please note, all communications will be sent to a valid University of Toronto email address if one exists. Applicants will be asked to log back into the Application Portal to complete the remaining steps in the Application and pay the Confirmation Deposit once an offer of residence is issued.

If you have questions related to Fall 2020 - Winter 2021 occupancy at Graduate House and COVID-19, please visit our Graduate House FAQ page.

Cancellation, Deposit Refund, & Forfeit Conditions

If a space in Graduate House is offered to you at any point prior to you cancelling your application and you either decline, or do not respond by the appointed deadline, you will forfeit the amount of your Application Deposit.

If you cancel your application before you have been offered a space, your Application Deposit will be refunded. If you cancel your application after an offer of residence has been accepted, the application deposit as well as the confirmation deposit will both be forfeited. All requests for application cancellation must be submitted to Graduate House Office by e-mail at

You are deemed to have been offered a space as of the date and time at which Graduate House's electronic correspondence records indicate it was sent to you.

Rolling Admissions

Graduate House offers residency throughout the calendar year. As graduate/second entry students can leave throughout their contract when they graduate, we offer rolling admissions to keep the building at high occupancy. If you've applied to Graduate House and you did not receive an offer, you will be placed on our Applicant List.

Statement on False Google Reviews (27/06/19)

Recently, there has been a number of false reviews of Graduate House posted on Google. Upon further investigation, we have determined this review/accusation to be completely untrue and we have contacted Google to have this review marked as spam. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this review, please contact us at