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Room inventory

How to complete your room inventory form

  • Login to the Student Housing Portal via StarRez. Once logged in, select the ‘Unit/Item Condition’ tab.
  • Under ‘Inspections’, select the inspection with the status ‘Ready for Review’. Then click ‘Review’. 
  • In the next page, indicate whether or not you agree to the current condition of each inventory item in your room:
    • If you disagree: if you do not agree with the stated condition of an item, leave the ‘Agree’ check-box empty. Ensure you write a brief description of why you disagree with the current condition in the text box under ‘Review Comments’. 
    • If you agree: if you agree with the stated condition of an item, select the ‘Agree’ check-box. Do not write anything in the Review Comments text box.
  • Once you have inspected all the items in your room, click ‘Save and Continue’ at the bottom of the page. Your inspection will now be submitted. 
  • Please note the system will list your inspections as ‘Not Accepted.’ This status will change to ‘Accepted’ once we have reviewed your inspection.

Shared common items

In your kitchen, living room, and bathrooms, you will find some shared commons items that Graduate House has provided.

Please review the list below. If any items are missing or in poor condition, please submit a maintenance request through the Student Housing Portal using the Maintenance tab.

Suite entrance1 boot tray
1 entrance mat
coat hooks
Living room1 floor lamp with white shade
horizontal window blinds and window screens

1 coffee table
1 television stand with wheels
1 additional black mesh chair
1 leather loveseat sofa with cushions
1 leather single armchair with cushions
Kitchen2 recycling bins

1 kitchen waste receptacle

1 wall-mounted fire extinguisher

1 microwave with glass turntable
1 refrigerator with crisper drawers
1 stove with 4 elements and 2 oven racks
2 kitchen sink strainers; 1 dish drainer
Bathroom1 waste receptacle with lid per washroom
1 bathroom brush with holder per washroom
1 rubber toilet plunger
Storage closet1 vacuum cleaner
1 mop
1 mop bucket with handle