Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process for applying for residence at Graduate House?

We're glad to hear you're interested in Graduate House. There are three key phases to the residence application process at Graduate House: submit an application, receive an offer of residence, and accept/decline the offer. For a detailed description of these steps, please click here.  

2. How much are the Occupancy Fees?

For the current academic term, including summer 2016, the rates are as follows: $954 (single), $1063(premium),  $728 (double). As of September 2016, Occupancy Fees will be $981 (single), $1,094 (premium), $749 (double).

3. What kind of accommodation do you offer?

We offer suite/apartment style accommodation where each suite has three or four residents of the same gender. You would have your own private bedroom (unless you opted for the double room) and would share the kitchen and bathrooms with the other residents in that suite.

4. Do you offer tours?

Yes we do! For details on our tours, visit our Tours page. Many of the areas shown during our tours can be seen in our Photo Gallery, and you can get a sense of the layout of our suites by checking out our online Floor Plans.

5. What are my chances of getting a room? How do I increase my chances of getting an offer for September?

Summer 2016 We currently have spaces available for summer residence. Please fill out an application and let us know at if you would like immediate occupancy. We require a minimum of a six-week stay during the summer. To meet this requirement, the latest date that applicants can move in is July 11, 2016, and the summer occupancy period ends on August 22, 2016. Summer applicants who also applied for the Fall will not be required to move out at the end of this occupancy period. Fall 2016 Graduate House is home to a significant majority of U of T's graduate residence population, and is the only residence on campus reserved exclusively for students in masters- and doctoral-level programs and the Second Entry professional faculties during the academic year. Because our residence community is uniquely tailored to the needs of graduate-level students, we have significantly greater demand for Fall admission than we have spaces. To improve your chances, we encourage you to apply as early as possible, as offers are prioritized according to the date a completed application was submitted. Additionally, since we make offers throughout the year (as current residents graduate or otherwise move out), many applicants elect to remain on our Applicant List into the school year and eventually receive an offer of residence. Another means of entry to Graduate House is through our Recruitment Space process, which reserves about 60% of the spaces at Graduate House to be awarded by the university's academic departments, centres, institutes, and faculties.  If you wish to be considered for a Recruitment Space, you should contact your academic department, centre, institute, or faculty directly as each uses its own criteria for allocating Recruitment Spaces.

6. When will I hear about my application?

Summer applicants: We give out offers of residence every few days. If you would like immediate occupancy, please contact our office at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Fall applicants: We give out offers of residency starting in June and on an ongoing basis throughout the Summer and into the Fall.

7. Can I request an early move-in for the Fall?

If  you have submitted an application for the Fall, you can request an early move-in by sending us an email at with your preferred move-in dates. Please remember to include your full name and student/applicant number in your email for ease of processing. If you want an early move-in before July 11th you will need to submit a separate summer application here. Depending on the available spaces, we will then do our best to offer you a room as close to this preferred date as possible. Please note that an early move-in date is contingent on being giving an offer for the Fall.

8. How do I cancel my application? If I decide not to live at Graduate House, will I lose my deposit?

The only way to officially cancel your application is to send an email to Cancellations on StarPortal will not be processed. If you cancel your application before receiving an offer of residence, your $100 Application Deposit is refunded. If you reject an offer of residence or did not respond by the appointed deadline a stated in your offer of residence email, your $100 application deposit is forfeited and non-refundable. If, upon accepting and confirming a space at Graduate House, you elect not to move in, both your $100 Application and $300 Confirmation Deposits are forfeited and non-refundable. Please note it will take 4 to 6 weeks for your credit card to be reimbursed.

9. How are my Graduate House deposits used?

Upon applying to Graduate House, your $100 application deposit is held in trust pending an offer of residence.  Once an offer of residence is issued, assuming that you accept it and move in, your $100 application deposit and your $300 confirmation deposit are applied towards your Graduate House occupancy fees.

10. What if I am not successful in getting an offer for September?

There is significantly greater demand for September admission to Graduate House than we have spaces.  However, since we make offers throughout the year (as current residents graduate or otherwise move out), many applicants elect to remain on our Applicant List into the school year and eventually receive an offer of residence.   Applicants who do not receive an offer for September will remain on our Applicant List unless they cancel their application.  By keeping your name on our Applicant List, you are indicating your willingness to receive an offer of residency at any point.

11. How does Graduate House match me with suitemates?

When you receive your offer of residence to Graduate House, you'll answer a series of profile questions that we use to gauge your preferences, living habits, interests, and what you're looking for by living at Graduate House. This information is helpful to us in creating groups of suitemates who are more likely to enjoy living together, and your responses are most useful if you answer the questions as accurately and honestly as possible. It's important to keep in mind that communal living in a university residence can be trying at times, even in the best of circumstances, and open, honest communication among suitemates is essential, both when you initially move in and when any difficulties arise. If you have specific suitemate(s) that you would like to live with, you'll have an opportunity to request (and mutually accept) each other during the application process.

12. Can I request a particular type of suite layout or location prior to moving in?

All incoming residents complete an Allocation Questionnaire as part of the online application process.  In this questionnaire, you are welcome to let us know about any preferences you may have. While we will certainly read and consider all preferences, including those for specific suites, suite layouts, floors, and/or sides of the building, we are bound by the limitations of availability. Please note that while there is no harm in asking, we cannot guarantee that specific assignment requests can be accommodated.

13. What do I need to bring with me when I move into Graduate House?

While Graduate House suites are fully furnished, there are basic items that you should plan to bring with you or purchase upon your arrival. For the bedroom, the resident must provide their own bedding and pillow, towels, and phone or television if desired. Please note that Graduate House mattresses are standard twin-size. In the kitchen, you are expected to provide your own dishes and cooking utensils. Should you need help in locating these items upon your arrival, the office staff and Residence Life Staff will be happy to assist you with directions and suggestions as to where to shop! For more information about what to bring (and not bring), please visit our Moving In page.