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Graduate House provides residents with the best location, community, and value for graduate students at the University of Toronto. We strive to keep our rates competitive and offer much more than our off-campus competitors.






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Our Room Types

Graduate House provides 3 room type options. All residents of Graduate House will receive heat, light, water, internet, and air conditioning as amenities for no additional charge. Cable television and telephone service is the responsibility of the resident. Occupancy fees are set to end of August, and are subject to change at that time.

Please note that Graduate House is an officially designated university residence and therefore its residents are not eligible for the renters’ tax credit under the Ontario tax code.


Typical 4 Bedroom, One Floor Suite
Typical 4 Bedroom, Two Floor Suite
Typical 3 Bedroom, One Floor Suite

Regular Single Bedroom

One occupant in a standard-size bedroom within a shared suite. This is the most common type of room we have in Graduate House.

per month

Regular Double bedroom

Two same-gendered occupants in a large bedroom within a shared suite. Applicants whose priority is to live in a double room must recognize that sharing a double room requires a heightened commitment to flexibility and compromise; applicants with inflexible or overly specific requirements about their bedroom living space are discouraged from applying to live in a double room.

per month

Premium single bedroom

One occupant in a larger bedroom within a shared suite. Premium singles are either up to 20% larger than a regular single bedroom, and/or have more storage space.

per month

Occupancy Fees


Room TypeMonthly InstallmentSept 1 to Apr 30May 1 to Aug 23Sept 1 to Aug 23
Premium Single$1,570$12,560$6,280$18,840
Regular Single$1,406$11,248$5,624$16,872
Regular Double$1,074$8,592$4,296$12,888


Room TypeMonthly InstallmentSept 1 to Apr 30May 1 to Aug 23Sept 1 to Aug 23
Premium Single$1,467$11,736$5,868$17,604
Regular Single$1,314$10,512$5,256$15,768
Regular Double$1,004$8,032$4,016$12,048

For payment deadlines visit:

Graduate House Fees

Occupancy fees are charged monthly and are pro-rated to reflect both your offer date and your move-out date. If you are a University of Toronto student, your fees are charged directly to your ACORN account. No damage deposit is required. Non-University of Toronto students are required to pay their monthly fees via Canadian debit card, money order, or certified cheque and are required to provide a $500 refundable damage deposit upon move-in. Please note that the refundable balance of this deposit will be repaid via cheque within six (6) to eight (8) weeks after move-out.

In addition, all residents of Graduate House are required to pay membership fees to Graduate House Council (GHC). GHC is a student council elected by the residents of Graduate House. The mission of this nine-member body is to develop a sense of community at Graduate House. As stipulated by the Occupancy Agreement, Graduate House collects a non-refundable levy from each resident that is put toward social and cultural events. GHC fees are charged at $11.67 per semester ($11.66 for the summer) and are paid in the same manner as occupancy fees, to be remitted to the GHC by Graduate House on the resident’s behalf.

Finally, all residents are charged a full last month’s occupancy fee upon move-in in addition to their pro-rated first month’s fee. The last month’s payment is held until your final month and no interest is paid on this money.

How Your Graduate House Deposit Affects Your ACORN account

If you are a University of Toronto student, your application fee will be reflected as a $100 credit (CR) on your ACORN account. Your Overall Balance on your ACORN account will then be displayed as owing $100 less, but this credit is specially earmarked so that it can only be applied to Graduate House charges. Please be careful to not underpay your tuition charges by $100.

Important Documents

There are a number of important documents that you should read and understand. Below you will find a listing of important documents at Graduate House. If you have questions, please speak to a Graduate House staff member.

Occupancy Agreement

The Occupant Agreement is an agreement between the University of Toronto and you, as the resident of Graduate House. In this document you will find information on eligibility, responsibilities of the University, responsibilities of the resident, withdrawals, rules, appeals, fees, and much more. Make sure to read this over carefully.

Network Use Agreement

Your network connection is provided for you in support of your academic objectives and requirements. As such, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to be aware of when using the Graduate House Network.

Suite / Room Entry

Graduate House Procedures for Pre-Notification and Post-Notification of Suite/Room Entry (Schedule C) explains when Graduate House can enter a student space (suite/room).

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Living in Graduate House is conveniently located, safe and fun too! Graduate and second-entry students from many faculties at UofT call this place home.