Graduate House houses 424 students in 120 fully furnished, three- or four-bedroom suites. As a building, Graduate House is gender neutral; however, the suites are organized according to gender. Mixed gendered suites not permitted. Most of the bedrooms are regular single bedrooms, though there are a handful of double rooms (shared bedroom). We also have a small number of premium single bedrooms.

Each suite contains two or three bathroom arrangements; a full kitchen with a fridge, oven, and microwave; and a living area with a loveseat, armchair, and kitchen table with 4 chairs. Residents are expected to do their own cooking and are responsible for cleaning their own suites. Graduate House does not offer any dining options in the building nor does it provide a housekeeping service.

Graduate House is a completely non-smoking environment. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in or around the building, including bedrooms, bathrooms, suites, the common areas, hallways, stairwells, or even outdoors in the courtyard or by the entrances and exits.   Students who wish to smoke or who expect to host visitors who will wish to smoke may prefer to seek accommodation in other housing that permits smoking.